[ubuntu-in] Problems with Ext USB HD

Nandan Vaidya vaidya.nandan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 06:04:00 BST 2010

> **
> am wondering why this HD may be crashing
> in an earlier thread there was a mention of a max of 16 partitions that
> could operate at once. Now am assuming that these are 16 active partitions
> and not those that do not load up.

I guess I had mentioned the 15 partitions restriction, but that pertains to
a single phyisical disk. It never let me create a 16th partition.
On the other hand, my current laptop has partitions upto /dev/sda14 and
everything is just fine.

Even I have a 1TB external HDD with one 20GB partition as FAT32 and the rest
as Ext4, that I connect to it and funnily enough, I too still use ubuntu
I dont really see any problems with it. Not quite sure why it is crashing
for you

> Load up meaning that those lying dormant (unmounted) till a user calls them
> into being or not formatted so not operational.
> **
> any advice
> **
> I am unmounting two more partitions to try the disk again. To see of that
> makes a difference
I think you should watch the output of /var/log/syslog and observe what
messages are thrown out there when you connect the external HDD.

I use :

*$ tail -f /var/log/syslog -n 50 *

Check if you receive some error messages in the syslog, that should provide
some clue. Also try a live session of ubuntu on the same laptop/system and
connect the external HDD then and observe the syslog too. Check out if there
are any differences in the two outputs.

Hopefully that can provide a clue.


Nandan Vaidya
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