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> From: Shubham Chakraborty <s.chakraborty at vikaspublishing.com>
>> I have been using ubuntu for about two years now. But recently after
>> upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 I have suffered from the biggest problem faced.
>> It doesn't boot up.
>> It shows the ubuntu logo and then after around three minutes it shows that
>> UUID path not found. Then the laptop goes off.
>> I have a lot of data in my ubuntu drive and can't afford to re-install as
>> my
>> laptop has only two partitions one windows and one ubuntu.
>> Kindly help.
> The data wont get affected unless you decide to reformat.

Not so

if the OP says he has one partition for Ubuntu and another for Win XP then
there is great risk of losing data during reinstallation

If there is one Ubuntu partition it means everything is inside it - means
just one / (/root) partition which contains /boot / (root) /home /var /etc
etc etc basically everything.

So no don't go in for a reinstall till you recover your data.

> If you have a Live CD/USB of Ubuntu, boot up using that and reinstall Grub.
> Google for Reinstalling Grub in Ubuntu 10.04 and follow the instructions.
> do as above.

1. If you data is very important then after booting from a live cd find you
home (where you data should be) and transfer it to an external disk.

2. This UUID problem seems to be a constant one and sometimes the solution
works sometimes it does not - am assuming that while trying to boot you get
redirected to a shell with a terminal prompt. There may / should be a
message saying press Control+d to continue to a normal mode. If this is the
case then then control+d will not work until you enter a blank atleast two
times. Basically at the prompt enter enter twice. Then press Control+D and
the system should start up normally. This happens when the upgraded system
does not recognize a partition by its UUID

Again to irritatingly reiterate - first get your data out and then do any

And next time you install Ubuntu make sure you have a separate /home it
really helps when the system gets messed up

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