[ubuntu-in] Listing out dependency of a package on ubuntu

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Tue Nov 23 18:13:26 GMT 2010

On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 11:29:47PM +0530, Narendra Sisodiya wrote:
> Following command will list out the dependency of a package.
> sudo apt-get install --dry-run eclipse  | sed -n '/The following NEW/{n; :a;
> $!N;s/\n[[:blank:]][[:blank:]]/ /;ta;P;D;}'
> sudo apt-get install --dry-run expect  | sed -n '/The following NEW/{n; :a;
> $!N;s/\n[[:blank:]][[:blank:]]/ /;ta;P;D;}'

Any way to put it into a shell script/alias? Something like:

sudo apt-get install --dry-run $1 | sed -n....

So that "$1" accepts the value given while running that script.

I'm very low on scripting-fu, but like to turn long commands in to aliases
so that I need to type least. :)

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