[ubuntu-in] Monitoring websites accessed from a computer

Rajat Khanduja rajatkhanduja13 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 14:09:27 GMT 2010

I am interested in developing a tool (for personal use) to monitor all the
websites accessed from the computer. I plan to make use of BASH, but I'm not
clear how I can know which website has been accessed using scripts.

I understand that since eventually all browsers are also making use of the
same port, it must be possible to make use of scripts to log the data
transfered. Could anyone guide me on how this could be done. Or is there any
C/C++ library which could serve similar purpose, i.e. read the information
travelling through a port.

I do understand that there are many existing tools to do what I plan to
achieve, but as I'm a student, I'd like to learn through this experience and
hence would be grateful if someone could guide me how something simple of
the above form can be obtained. I don't plan/intend to make any GUI or
security with that tool, but a simple tool that could help me log my
activity. I could then use some other tools to analyse the log file for my
own purpose.

<Frankly its an attempt to create some tool to restrict amount of time spent
on websites like Facebook>

Thanks in advance
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