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On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 10:47:39PM +0530, Maitraya Bhattacharyya wrote:
> Hi all,
> Good to see a few of you have already created your user accounts already
> (thanks Anmol, Farhad, Jagadeesh, Nitesh, Sandip, :-). I know you people are
> busy with a lot of things, but it would really speed things up if you grab
> hold of one article in your spare time, clean it and update it and post it
> on the new site. Regading an easy way of making the content accessible I am
> working on it, give me some time ( maybe a page link from out featured
> board. The page displays several categories, each category with thumbnails
> and articles).

I was thinking of creating a wiki page with a list of all the articles
required to be written as task and the person adopting it should put his
name against that item so that there is no duplication of effort. For this,
I visited the docs section in old wiki but everything there is wiped out
and there is only a link to some suspected attack site! I vaguely remember
that there were more articles there than those 4 put up on wp. Any idea
what happened?

> Thirdly, a crazy idea just hit me. I was inspired by the Gaia project (
> www.gaia.us). Why not create Ubuntu-in music, Ubuntu-in themes along with
> wallpapers. I know it will take time, given that we have to do other stuff
> too, but still... what do you think?

The link is broken (at least it didn't open the expected site). You mean
some music will play when the site is opened? I guess that will be too
heavy for some internet connections and unnecessarily take more time for
the site to load up. But then, I am easily proven wrong many times before.

> As for the launchpad sign-in integration, somebody has to come up with the
> code at the  moment. I am no  great coder but I'll see if it can be be done.

IIRC we already had that functionality on the older site for sometime. May
be Aanjhan would know well and I know he would have already stepped up
for this if he had time, so if he can only spare some time to guide me, I
am up for it (though I am a noob at it and would really like someone
experienced to take it up)

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