[ubuntu-in] configuring GPRS

Narendra Diwate narendra.diwate at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 05:11:32 GMT 2010

On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 10:02 AM, sandeep kumar <tony_gr8 at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

> How to configure GPRS(B.S.N.L) in
>  UBUNTU 10.04LTS
> and
> KUBUNTU 10.04LTS desktop editions.I'm using Nokia 5233
> I successfully configured BSNL broadband and home but now i want to use
> GPRS .please help

Why are you reposting the same query again and again. Pl read and the
responses and act on it. Then post with feedback. This behavior will get you

Narendra Diwate
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