[ubuntu-in] issue with wireless USB (EVDO) internet connection ubuntu 9.10 desktop edition

Ramnarayan.K ramnarayan.k at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 05:38:55 GMT 2010

Hi Renjith,

detailed replies below but just a thought

this issue has come up a few times and there are a few threads already
floating around, on this list - may be it will be useful to read what
others have written before.

On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 9:31 AM, Renjith  G <gopinadhanrenjith at in.com> wrote:
> dear friends,
> Now i am facing a big problem regarding the internet connectivity of 9.10
> version unlike 9.04 version.
> I hereby first explains problem with my machine.
> I have installed Ubuntu 9.10 desktop edition in my laptop DEll Vostro 1520
> (2Gb RAM).
> But it is not detecting my Wireless USB net connection (ZTE made - EVDO
> ,Provider BSNL India ) , so that it is not possible for me to connect to
> internet.
> I can connect to internet via my Nokia phone modem automatically in the same
> machine even without a PC suite for it in 9.10 editon.
> But the the same (USB modem EVDO ,ZTE ) internet is working fine for my
> laptop with Ubuntu 9.04 version .
> What is the problem with 9.10?
> Is there , any other extra driver available for USB net connectivity in
> 9.10?

No need for any additional drivers. The following is a solution i use
(am currently using infact to send this mail)
Install gnome-ppp from synaptic or Add / remove software.

After installation just go to Applications -->Internet -> Gnome PPP
a very simple GUI dialog will open up , here enter setup

for the device choose /dev/ttyUSB0 - leave the others at defaults -
You can check the options menu where there are some nice options like
auto reconnect which are helpful for trouble some connections.
Also nice are minimize and dock when connected options this puts a
network connected and blinking icon into your menu so you know you are

Close- then in the username and pass word enter the appropriate ones
and then in the phone number again whatever is appropriate (for usb
serial / mobile broadband i think its a standard #777)

Then press connect and thats it - a log file will show you whats happening

If for some reason this does not work you may need to use it under sudo mode
go to terminal and do
:~$ sudo gnome-ppp

and set up the connection

if this works then you can make a launcher on your desktop by right clicking
in type say run application in terminal
in name give it any name
in command put down sudo gnome-ppp

spring something click on that and choose your icon

this should work

you can try it using a live cd

This also works for the older generation Huawei ETS 2288 wll phones
(in case this does not work for ets 2288 use wvdial)


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