[ubuntu-in] Add/Remove or Ubuntu Software Center ?

Hardik Dalwadi hardik.dalwadi at ubuntu.com
Thu Oct 29 17:30:23 GMT 2009

Mallikarjun(ಮಲ್ಲಿಕಾರ್ಜುನ್) wrote:
> Dear friends,
> Info -->  Ubuntu 9.10 is out
> There some big changes made by Ubuntu in the latest version like moving 
> out of pidgin (Of Course Gnome made the change), Look and feel & the 
> add/remove program.
> I see some shortcomings in Ubuntu Software Center (I feel)
>  1) Only one software can be installed at a time unlike Add/Remove i 
> could have ticked many and installed once
>  2) In ADD/Remove there is an option like Show: All Available 
> applications but not in Ubuntu Software Center
>  3) To know information about an App. need to go into each application 
> (navigation is slower)
>  4) No Stars in USC, as it was an indication of how good the software is
>  5) Does not provide information about whether an application is Gnome / 
> KDE (is avail in Add/Remove)
> So what do you guys think about it, whether they made right move or is 
> it too early to replace Add/remove?

I admit it's too early, but Community has very long term plan for Ubuntu 
Software Center. You can find detail roadmap here [1], You can also 
submit your feedback from there. we can also prefer Synaptic Package 
Manager if it's too early for Ubuntu Software Center, coming in default 
installation. Community want to address Private / Public PPAs 
integration / GDebi / Commercial Software Hosting / User Ratings, 
Reviews in single application.

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter

> If you want to install ADD/Remove, it is available in System tools.
> Mallikarjun
> http://thegeekbox.com

Hardik Dalwadi
Person at Canonical

FYI: If someone is downloading Ubuntu 9.10 ISO, I will advise to use 
Japan Mirror, found faster then others :)

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