[ubuntu-in] [FYI] Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) Beta has been released ...

Hardik Dalwadi hardik.dalwadi at ubuntu.com
Thu Oct 15 14:44:10 BST 2009

shirish शिरीष wrote:
> at bottom :-
> On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 18:43, Hardik Dalwadi <Hardik.Dalwadi at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> <snipped>
>> @ Tabankg,
>> It's all up to you. It's beta release, not recommended for production.
>> As i said final release would be on 29th October, 2009. If you are end
>> user, don't want experiment with your Ubuntu m/c. I would recommend to
>> upgrade after final release. Though, I have shared my experience [1] for
>> early birds :)
>> [1] http://hardik.in/2009/10/06/upgrading-ubuntu-9-04-to-ubuntu-9-10-beta/
> Hi Hardik,
>        nice review although there are few things I would like to point out :-
> 1. The .png screenshots you have taken are not too detailed. They
> infact feel fudgy. See if you could take the screenshots and save them
> as .svg so your users can look in better detail.

@ Shirish,

Thanks for your feedback, I will consider it in future post.

> 2. You showed that there may be differences in the configuration
> files. Few releases back when I looked it used to give something like
> this :-
> ++ @@ this is the changed line
> - -           this is the original line
> or something similar. Basically doing a diff between two files. Now
> what I had been looking for if they had made something similar to
> notepad++ compare plugin . That would have been cool.

I don't have any idea about that. I just want to show "End Users" that 
there are some configuration modification while upgrade. So please 
review / consider it before accepting it.

> 3. You mentioned about Reliance Netconnect broadband as one of the
> providers in the 3g drop-down list but no screenshot of that. Very
> disappointing.

Yes, it is (Now Tata Photon+ also, but not tested).  But, NM is in buggy 
state, I have seen random crash bugs. I want to put perfect step by step 
information. In last kernel update (2.6.31-14-generic), it's detecting 
as USB-STORAGE. We can eject it then  insert it again, the we will have 
both together (Usb-storage / Mobile Broadband service) [1]. As i have 
written, i am working on that. I will sure post review about it.


> Awaiting your reply for the above.

Again thanks for your feedback...
Hardik Dalwadi
Person at Canonical

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