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Ramnarayan.K ramnarayan.k at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 10:08:46 GMT 2009

Hi Friends,

Some weeks back i wrote about the idea of 'maybe' doing something to
promote Ubuntu (Linux / FLOSS etc).

One of the ideas is put down below:

*** The Ubuntu India  2010 Calendar ****

The new year (2010) is already upon us - The calendar may or may not
strictly happen before the new year but i think we have a margin that
runs into January.

The idea of the calendar it to have something physical that we can
give out, individually, to folks who we would like to impress, with
the idea of Ubuntu, Linux, FLOSS


1. The calendar could contain art work, photographs etc drawn from
orginal content - this would form the main visuals of the calendar.
The underlying theme of the visual content should be to highlight a
key feature of the OS, or how it works or what makes it special. Each
Main Visual should have a short note on what the visual is about - how
it was made and what makes it special.

2. Each main visual could be accompanied by a smaller visual  with
again a short text of this visual is about - this is more information
- to get people familiar with people and software. The idea is to get
the various facets of Ubuntu, Linux , FLOSS, to become common


We need a theme (and slogan) for each month - from this we could
determine the main content and the smaller or tiled content (the
numbering below is so that we have 12 ideas and they are not
necessarily given month wise)

Month 1 - About Ubuntu - The philosophy - what it is about and the
different releases so far (from warty warthog) - the main image with
the rest of the past distros as smaller tiled images.

Month 2 - About Linux and Tux the logo - and about Linus Torvalds and
Richard Stallman

Month 3 - Prominent open source, creative commons licensed sites /
software (wikipedia, wordpress - (m)any others )

Months 4 (April) - Since its the month of the release - we could image
the release version Lucid Lynx - and describe the LTS and we can have
the Mark Shuttleworth featured

Month 5 - Popular personal accessories / Peripehrals that work on
Ubuntu , and the software that runs them. Like ipod , digital cameras

Month 6 - Related philosophies - Creatve Commons, GPL, Copy Left

Month  7 : Prominent Open source applications (firefox, openoffice,
gimp, inkscape, thunderbird, vlc, multimedia apps etc)

Month 8 : Unique features of Ubuntu (linux) - multi language options,
free, no virus etc

Month 9 - Less prominent but equally important open source apps - like
stellarium or celestia, qgis,  pdf apps

Month 10 (October) - Tiles of other prominent Linux distributions

Month 11- Less prominent but emerging open source initiatives - like
open source hardware (see http://www.gosh2009.ca  ) google chrome OS

Month 12- About the distro attached and what it contain and how to use
it ? Or something more exciting

Page 13 - how the calendar was made, what software were used, links to
some sites. etc

Other Ideas -
Month n1 - Software that can be used on other OS'
Month n2 - How to Start up Ubuntu
Month n3 - popular and other large users of Ubuntu - websites,
projects, universities individuals

A Customized DVD / CD - of Ubuntu - we could get the default one from
Ubuntu but what if we could remaster a DVD / CD which has all the
software used and includes the original calendar file as well in the
templates / or some other section. (maybe we could

I wanted to say here that the calendar needs to be visually appealing
- and various ideas would need to lend themselves to becoming visual
(like the how to start up ubuntu might be difficult to implement

Tiling means have a host of small images - instead of one big one - i
have seen a world calendar which takes a country and the page contains
many small images of that country - there were 12 locations and
needless to say that calendar still lies around because its so
evocative and good

People we could feature:

Other then those mentioned above
Jimmy Wales founder Wikipedia -
Lawrence Lessig founder creative commons
Matt Mullenweg - founder wordpress

Who else
Any Indians ??


1. Wiki - it would be great if we could get help to setup this wiki
where potential content can be put up and discussed and edited etc.
(may be as part of the ubuntu.in wiki)
2. A team of folks (volunteers) who coordinate the effort and bring it
to production stage  and then its distribution
3. The content can be decided by vote - the visuals can be run past
folks who we may know who have creative and visual skills. written
content needs to be verified for errors factual, spelling, grammar etc


We need to have some structure in place:

People who want to develop each month main as well the small tiles -
people can choose to work on more than one
Research - people who generate / verify the content being used.
Coordinators - who help bring the idea to productions   specifically
to coordinate sections - content, getting quotes for printing or
following up how to print - regional coordinators. People who would
help put up a wiki (and or mail alert site) on the Ubuntu India site
(http://ubuntu-in.info/wiki/index.php/Main_Page) - copy of this mail
is marked to admnistrators of said site for their response
People to look at the dates and days - holidays, prominent dates, moon
phases - preference could be to very short text on each date box with
space with the day and date being cleanly visible

Of course none of the specific jobs are exclusive but if we have
enough people we can spread the work around.


1. Use only open source software
2. No negative other "OS" bashing - even though it may be an enjoyable exercise
3. All visual content original - that is developed for the calendar -
text etc can be adpated from sources because we are talking about
something that already exists.Logos etc of course will have to be
exempt from this Photographs could be from our personal stock and
preferably should not have been used before.
4. Fonts used should be open source fonts
5. Weblinks to be kept to a minimum - people who want to follow up can
visit the wiki / webpage we make for this project where we can have
more serious documentation


While getting it at the start of the new year would be super but i
think we can be realistic only when we know how many folks are
involved and how soon we can decide and implement content.

Second if the choice is between soon and doing a good job i vote for
the latter because a late calendar will not be as detrimental as a bad
or error prone calendar, And then we are in it for the long run if our
first steps are good then we can come up with better stuff over the
next few years.

I don't (as yet) know the professional names of the size but am sure
we will find out soon enough :-)

The Desktop Calendar - the one that sits on desktops (the table
desktops not the computer desktops)
The Large Wall Calendars - which are one large chart sheet and not folded)
The folded Wall Calendar - - like a flip chart

any other ideas of sizes and / or layouts


Preferably it would be good if we can do this without any corporate
sponsor. If we can source funding outside of "us" then it should be
without an advertisment tag. Eg Someone could sponsor the CD / DVD
that we could think of packaging and we can let them have their
prominence there - but no where on the actual calendar itself (except
on page 13 which says how we did the calendar


Of course among the many others but these seem prominent:

1. The Licensing of the calendar - which specific form of Creative
Commons - so that non commercial use is prohibited but any one can use
the calendar (and of course adapt it)
2. Can we collectively fund its printing or do we go about is
individually or maybe even bunched into regional groups -eg. Delhi,
Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata etc - basically where ever we can
get pro quality printing done. Of course the original / source will be
available for anyone who wants to do it on their own.
3. Do we need to ask Canonical and other agencies about using their
logos. This is not a commercial venture but we will still need to pay
for the actual calendars so does that imply a financial something //
that they should be worried about.


I guess this will be price dependent - but lets see - really good
large wall calendars - which have superb photographs etc cost about Rs
250 - but these probably also include decent profit margins and decent

So we can start by knowing how many people are willing to buy such a
calendar and how many (numbers)

Mine is 10 copies if the rate is about Rs 250 per calendar .


Promotion begins at home - we can use it to remind us and our family / friends
Bosses and those who need to know
New Year (or any occasion) gifts
Friendly net cafes
Offices we work in (including desktops)


Check out the link to the odt file that helps make an a4 calendar - nice

**** end of proposal ***

so now lets hear your feedback and ideas


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