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Hi Ram

> 2. A few days back saw a friend using windows movie player - he placed
> > some images (still pictures)  and added music and generated a movie
> > (video) with the pictures. I was quite taken aback, and wondered is
> > there any similar software in Ubuntu (Linux).
> >
> > would be grateful for suggestions
> There is dvd-slideshow package in multiverse. Not sure if it serves the
> purpose.

I have used dvd-slideshow from screenshots of OOImpress presentation, for
places that do not have a LCD projector but do have a DVD player and TV, and
that works fine. It is easy to include an audio track in the slideshow. But
I have not included a video clip in it. But that could be done with Devede,
because in it you can edit preexisting DVDs too.

You could also use Lives (from getdeb.net) or Cinelerra (cinelerra.org),
both are the video stream editors, but I have not used them for the purpose
you described.

I would also use a combination of dvd-slideshow, mplayer, mencoder for the
purpose you described. And this would all be commandline based.


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