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> Karmic is working great wonders in my mind. The day it came out, my
> motherboard got spoilt! And I am still waiting for a new one. In the
> meantime, I have burnt a CD-R, a DVD-R, and a CD-RW with karmic and waiting.
> Just to see how it looks, I convinced my father to install ubuntu on his
> laptop, and my friend. I may still not be in a stage to review how Karmic
> will work for me, but I have never been so exited for something. :)
> And, does Karmic really have so many hardware issues?? There were some
> pretty bad reviews written along with the awesome reviews. I read them all
> here:
> http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/11/karmic-ubuntus-vista.html
Any software (Operating System) you take for that matter, it will have pros
and cons, karmic is no exception.
I don't think all these issues came suddenly from no where, there were
similar issues in previous versions too. But the problems are increasing
because they are implementing many changes in very small time, GNU/Linux is
loosing its stability feature because of some distributions like fedora,
ubuntu. unlike Debian, Redhat, which have long release cycles

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