[ubuntu-in] ubuntu repository dvd's online @ mirrors.hns.net.in

Ripunjay Bararia ripunjay at hns.net.in
Thu Nov 5 15:06:07 GMT 2009

On 11/5/2009 12:50 PM, stranger in black..... wrote:
> I have no words to thank Ripunjay Bararia and his team for creating
> this. Thanks thanks and again thanks. I know no thanks should be
> posted in a mailing list like this, but I cant control myself.
> I posted the same post in many other mailing list, but only Ripunjay
> Bararia took it to action and within one day. Superb work Ripunjay
> Bararia. Thanks again.
Wow, thanks a mill.

I just had the time and the resources, after all its all for a good cause.

Ripunjay Bararia

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