[ubuntu-in] OT: Taking tux (and Ubuntu) for a run

Arvind Gupta arvind.bernaulli at gmail.com
Mon Nov 2 07:44:39 GMT 2009

Hi Ram
             I would like to be a part of it.

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 12:16, Ramnarayan.K <ramnarayan.k at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> This mail is a sub text to a larger issue which i want to raise some time
> soon, The main issue being publicity or the lack off, The recent spate of
> FUD- that seems visible to me (atleast) and the traditional hype around the
> just released "wincedows craven" (TM) ;-)
> The publicity that any Linux distro gets is very poor. At most the
> community gets excited and organises a LUG party and install fest and such.
> Nothing in comparision to the concerted media efforts at promoting the rich
> and the famous.
> However , as a community, every one could play a role - we have the
> developers and the software makers who do their work wonderfully well, the
> service providers who provide high quality service - sometimes free, the
> unparalleled and huge self supporting network of friendly users and forums ,
> the free OS delivery service etc etc.
> But i think what is missing is the community's willingness to step up and
> step out and give Linux / Ubuntu (or your distro of choice) the needed PR.
> Its a role a lot of us do already do - in a limited way , much in our
> personal capacity where the limits of promotion don't expand beyond the
> personal (or may be the professional realm). We cannot and maybe should not
> compete with the vulgarity of corporate promotions but the thing that makes
> the Open Source community stand out is that whoever we are, if not anything,
> we are passionate about Open Source, we love it - the idiosyncrasies, the
> beauty, the freedom(s) , the no virus no tension, the geek value, the
> idiocy's too, among the many.
> So am wondering if we can as a community step up the momentum and maybe
> step out and wear our passions on our sleeves (both literally and
> figuratively ). This might seem political - I know, it is political, its a
> statement of choice and intent.
> Starting now - we Ubuntu folks have till April 2010 to devise and do things
> to make the 10.04 version something great , something that the community can
> be proud off - something where other non developers can contribute actively
> too. There are a list of ideas I have - but will wait for responses from
> others, before stating them.
> What do you think ?
> ***
> People might wonder why the "Taking tux (and Ubuntu) for a run" - well
> yesterday was the Delhi Half Marathon. I know that tux (the distinctive
> Penguin) and the Ubuntu Logo when for the run too, they even over took a
> much "wincing" T shirt ;-) . I know because these (linux) logos were one me
> - and was quite happy to have people see them.  While deciding what to wear
> on my running vest  i wanted to make a statement about Open Source and Linux
> amongst my other passions.
> ***
> look forward to your responses
> may the source be with you
> regards
> ram
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