[ubuntu-in] which graphics card to buy

Moz listmoz at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 15:29:07 GMT 2009

Hi Taban

tabankg wrote:
> I think you better buy motherboards from GIGABYTE or MSI  based on AMD
> 790G chipset,having onboard graphics(which are better than ATI Radeon
> HD 2600 GPU's)in terms of performance & features.The onboard graphics
> is an ATi Radeon 3300(which is very good for video and moderate 3D
> tasks,you can also play some old games).These motherboards contain
> socket AM2+,which is compatible with the latest Phenom-II
> processors(you only need a BIOS update!!).
> As far as I know ,Ubuntu-8.04(Hardy Heron) and 8.10(Intrepid Ibex)has
> drivers(AMD-ATi Radeon 3300) enabled in their kernels,so you need not
> have to search in the Ubuntu repositories(except for an update).
> Just go for it and enjoy the show of UBUNTU with AMD Phenom
> processors;AMD Motherboards and graphics.

Thanks to you and others, I have changed my order. I will also look for 
the GIGABYTE motherboard you mentioned, I'd thought that the ASUS 
motherboards are more reliable and better. But lets see.



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