[ubuntu-in] Problem with video output and webcam

ramnarayan.k at gmail.com ramnarayan.k at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 20:36:44 GMT 2009


I had posted this issue earlier - which was partially solved but it
appears again

Am using Ubuntu 8.10 on a Lenovo t60 with an ATI graphics card X1300

the video output really sucks - i get jerky video

using gstreamer-properties i managed to check the various video modes
and found that only X Window System (No XV) works well

the other options
SDL - Simple Direct Layer
X Window System (X11/XShm/XV)

all give faulty output

the result is
1. I can play videos only in totem - good enough but anything else to do
with videos gets scr***ed

2. Am not sure of my webcam output is faulty because of this and if it
can be rectified

so any suggestions


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