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> > | What if an individual user wants to install ubuntu on his machine
> > | without internet connection?
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> > Take it from the local mirror that is setup. The local mirror can be
> > updated in the night with cron job -- automatically.
> Windows popular in local community because they can get windows CD
> anywhere and get all software they want by asking a vendor.
> Even if you go to a mandal head quarters and you will be able to get a
> copy of windows and any software that is commonly required.

ok if one of your target audience really want to compare windows and Ubuntu
- give them two machines and basic set of instructions and ask them to
install either OS- or maybe do an install with them - look at the number of
cd's / dvd's that windows needs - for every piece of software they need one
mpore disc - and we have not go to the stage of drivers as yet - which in
windows are as much if nor more of a pain

 most windows users never install their own systems and have not idea what
crap is being loaded on - most linux users on the other install their own
systems an know exactly what is going on .

> For ubuntu to be popular at that scale (atleast reach people at that
> level), it should be possible to use system without internet
> connection.

It is , if you know how and get in touch with more users and get the right
info. Right now there are more users of windows and hence it seems that
everything is easy but thats not really the case - the heartburn and worries
that virus' and worms cause cannot compare to the peace of mind linux users

However i would like to say
1. Don't compare pirated windows with Ubuntu - ethically for a school it
sucks and they should know it - buying pirated software to teach kids thats
not on.

2. Do you and the school have a clear reason for ubuntu - if so what is it -
make sure everybody understands - changing over to ubuntu will not be pain
free there will be some grief - even in the long run , however if your
reasons are clear then the grief will be tolerable and even acceptable

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