[ubuntu-in] GRUB not detecting new os installed

Onkar Shinde onkarshinde at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 15:02:31 GMT 2009

On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 7:19 PM, Fabian Enos <fabian.enos at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have grub installed on my ubuntu partition and I just installed a
> version of damn small linux to use as a development server for web
> apps but the problem is that GRUB cannot detect it.

1. Why did you need to install DSL for development of web apps? Could
you not do it in Ubuntu?
2. When you installed DSL, didn't it install it's own version of GRUB?
3. Have you tried running 'sudo update-grub' in Ubuntu to see if it detects DSL?

* DSL - Damn Small Linux.


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