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> A general query:
> Is there any performance difference if the /home is on a different
> partition compared to the whole hierarchy being on the same partition?
> Further,
> The applications I install (from the software centre, or the deb, or by
> aptitude), do they take up space in the /home partition or somewhere else.
> Currently, I have the /home on a different partition than the root. I am
> left with only 1 GB of free space in the partition containing the '/' and am
> thinking of combining the partitions and reinstalling as one single
> hierarchy.
All the stuff you install (using the repository ) rests in the / partition.
It generally does not have any performance degradation/improvement even if
you have the home directories mounted in the same partition. Generally the
speed of the / is critical since the entire os and all the applications are
present there.

Also if you havent tried it yet, you should see how much of your apt
installation is still cached. It is likely that a sizable amount of space on
your / is taken by /var/apt/cache, which you can clean up using sudo
aptitude clean.
 - Nandan

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