[ubuntu-in] LAN repository from DVDs

Sambit Bikas Pal sambitbikaspal at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 19:36:54 GMT 2009

You can also try the following simpler method first. No need to go for

a) First create a local repository as described here from the DVDs -

b) Next install apache/lighttpd in the machine where you have created
the local repo as above.

c) Serve the directory where you dumped the contents of the DVDs, via
apache/lighttpd (For e.g if you had dumped them in /var/ubuntu/ , then
serve that location through your http server by creating a symlink in
/var/www pointing to /var/ubuntu . You may need to make appropriate
changes in the conf file of the webserver to allow that.)

d)Suppose the contents are now avaliable at http://localserver/ubuntu
(obviously replace localserver with the FQDN/ IP Address of your

e)In the clients in your LAN, change the sources.conf file so that
they now point to
deb http://localserver/ubuntu main restricted multiverse universe
and run apt-get update

f) The above should work.

Hope this helps. Please tell us, if it worked.

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