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Tue Dec 22 17:47:48 GMT 2009

count me in too....... me also ready for the purchase :)
On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 05:27:19PM +0000, Manish K Gupta wrote:
> Even I Wud like to have a ubuntu t shirt. I was wondering if that is possible. Nw that we have a low cost option. Please ubuntu community let us know if we can do this. 
> Cheers
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> On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 13:00, Arun Shrimali <arun.reso at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Is somebody is going to print t-shirts with "do it with Ubuntu" or "I
> > Like Ubuntu" in India
> > Or asking permission from Ubuntu to allow so
> > I would like to have one T-shirt
> >
> > I am cross posting to Ubuntu mail list also so that Ubuntu people can
> > also respond. Many other Ubuntu fan would be facing the same problem.
> >
> >
> Great Idea! However there is a bit of hassle involved in getting the Tshirts
> printed by some third party, other that Canonical. As mentioned in their
> trademark policy - http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy , one is
> required to obtain a trademark license for "Use for merchandising purposes,
> e.g. on t-shirts and the like".
> Alternatively what we can do is design a template for imprinting on Tshirts
> and distribute the design. One can then personally use the template and get
> the Tshirt printed by himself/herself from some online shop selling
> customisable Tshirts (We have personally used http://www.myntra.com for
> getting our college tshirts printed, their prices are reasonable, within Rs.
> 300/- to Rs. 500/- . There are quite a few other such Indian shops as well
> and btw I don't work for Myntra, just one of their satisfied customers :) ).
> Open distribution of the community designed template based on Ubuntu logo
> should fall within "Community Advocacy" and getting the design printed on a
> Tshirt for personal use should fall within "no commercial intent behind the
> use" as one is not selling the Tshirts.
> Usage of the Ubuntu logo under the above circumstances is explicitly allowed
> by the Ubuntu trademark policy without a trademark license.
> Ofcourse this was my two cents, kindly correct me if I have been wrong
> somewhere.
> Thanks.
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