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Sat Dec 19 13:19:43 GMT 2009

Hey Guys this is an emergency


My father had got a new lenovo laptop from his office with original win xp proffessional.i wanted to test ubuntu on it keeping the windows and all its settings.so i made a partition of 100 gb using partition manager to install ubuntu there.but while loading ubuntu instead of selecting installing with windows i selected select partition manually and i selected the 100gb partition that i made before. Now ubuntu had been sucessfully installed but when i selected windodw xp from the boot option it is not opening.the 100 gb partition where the windows was previously instaled is been made inactive.


Now i have to restore it to its original position else my father will lose all of his important documents and will surely kill me.After all the laptop is of his office and i dont know how to do and what to do. please help.


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