[ubuntu-in] audio problem in ubuntu

saurav paul saurav_paul at live.in
Sat Dec 19 10:09:44 GMT 2009

hey guys 


thanks 4 all ur support. i am new to ubuntu and i have installed ubuntu karmic in my desktop which has  P4 2.4 Ghz processor and 1 GB RAM. I have VLC installed in ubuntu. Whenever i play any mp3 file or any movie in vlc or any other player it plays fine for the first 2-3 mins and then the audio device stops and then my computer becomes very slow and finally it hangs.then i have to restart the machine all over again.why is it happening and what is the solution. i have dual boot - windows xp on 1 hdd and ubuntu on another hdd.i have audoi files on both hdd.


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