[ubuntu-in] More spam from list members- what can be done

Fabian Enos fabian.enos at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 15:02:21 GMT 2009

Yes i agree its pathetic and quite cheap on the part of the person who
gave away the ids. They really should be banned

On 12/16/09, Ramnarayan.K <ramnarayan.k at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> People might not think this is important even so am posting my 2 bits.
> Today , yet again, some spam came in from https://www.boxbe.com
> through a list member.
> I am sure its a list member because i ran a search for the address on
> my gmail accounbt and it returned only Ubuntu.in mails - and one of
> the posters (in many mails) had the same email id.
> The reason for confirming the identity (as an Ubuntu.in member) and
> posting is that this is a recurrent problem. At the least its
> irritable and the address can be spammed and we can continue to
> ignore. But its a larger problem kind of like when some one speaks
> they spit in your face or use abusive language or if you hand them
> your calling card they leave photocopies of it lying around.
> Boxbe now has my address (and am sure many list member addresses) they
> also know for sure its a living address. So i am going to credit any
> increase in spam to boxbe and the person who gave out my email id.
> So what right does this person have to give out my or anyone's email
> id with so much as by your leave and this frankly *pisses* me off.
> What it also means is that there quite a few *SILLY* people on the
> list (and in the internet world in general) who are quite ignorant
> about normal safety protocols (for self and others) exposing more then
> just themselves to the many horrors that masquerade behind so many of
> the hoax mails.
> I think, among the MANY things that need to be done its time to start
> teaching people mail and internet manners maybe by making a internet
> use how to or a mailing list how to or just a simple what *to NEVER
> the last i am willing to compile if we we can agree on what people
> should never do (any in the tiny fine print why)
> ram
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