[ubuntu-in] Unable to open the synaptic package manager & can't run sudo command

tabankg khabor08 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 01:36:47 GMT 2009

   I have upgraded my Ubuntu-9.04(JAUNTY JACKALOPE) OS to Ubuntu-9.10(KARMIC
Due to some anomaly,I am unable to open the "*Synaptic Package Manager".*
Also,the *"sudo"* command is not working as I boot as a normal user.Though
the root password and all administrative commands are working.
When i run the sudo command as such:

kgnile09sg at ubuntu09:~$ sudo apt-get update

sudo: must be setuid root

kgnile09sg at ubuntu09:~$

Moreover,the postgresql-8.4 package is not upgraded nor can't be
deleted/purged.It shows an error message .

Now, I am unable to update or install any packages...

Please help me out!!

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