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Dibyajyoti Mohapatra dibyam at vubites.com
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Nice to know about the below.

What about a meet in Mumbai? I am sure there would be many people from
Mumbai in this list.


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> Hi
> On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 12:38 PM, Dibyajyoti Mohapatra
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> > Dear all,
> >
> > Did you guys meet on Sunday?
> >
> > It will be better if you could post a brief summary about the same.
> >
> Yes
> Narender has provided a summary
> the people who came are - Narendra, Satyakam, Bryan, Mark and Mr KP Reddy.
> Dilli Haat was a total wash out as a venue and if other folk were
> there for the meeting it would have taken a great deal of luck to find
> the others amongst the swirling and ever swelling crowds. Luckily
> Bryan was wearing an Ubuntu T shirt and that helped some of coalesce.
> Mark is a newcomer to foss and wanted to understand what made people
> devote time to FOSS and Ubuntu etc. Hope he got enthused with the foss
> philosophy. A second question he had was about how people make money
> using FOSS, again hopefully he has learnt more about this angle.
> We discussed ways of getting Linux to be more common knowledge. the
> calendar being one of the ideas. A theme suggestion for the calendar
> was to show 12 organizations (NPO ? NGO's maybe) that use FOSS.
> We also spoke about the Open Street Maps
> (http://www.openstreetmap.org) and their mapping initiative.
> Also spoke about other organizations that are promoting foss through
> use of technology for specific purposes.
> Check out
> http://www.tacticaltech.org/
> http://ngoinabox.org/
> http://cis-india.org/advocacy/others/maps-for-making-change-kicks-off-and-you-can-get-involved
> **
> in retrospect i think a quieter venue and maybe a predertimed exact
> meeting point (& time) and lapel pins, linux sumbols etc would make it
> easier for strangers to meet up. For venue all i can say is blame it
> on the delhi wallahs for not telling us that Dilli Haat is a rotten
> place to meet.
> ***
> I t was good to meet up and having two folks who are non foss people ,
> i think, allowed us to be clearer on what we wanted to express.
> ram
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