[ubuntu-in] Strange behaviour of mouse / touch pad

sivakumar bharadhwaj jeyendrasiva at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 02:11:38 GMT 2009

Dear sir,

even I too have the same problem - lenovo 3000 G530, 2 GB, 250GB.

had, just XP & 9.10.  Ubuntu 9.10 was very good, it detected even integrated
webcam, and later 10 days back upgraded, and found a lot of problems while
typing too.  certain keys were not working properly (no dust / hardware
problems - got it checked and cleaned once more with the lenovo service
centre).  also it was constantly restarting, whenever i tried shutting
down.  and also it was taking a lot of time - when switching ON to the first
screen appearance - takes more than 10 - 15 seconds.

Also, twice, it crashed, and I installed 9.04, in another partition, to
boot.  9.04 works well, and I could not find any problems mentioned above.

just thought to inform last week itself, but, then i thought it could be due
to my laptop issue (believe ubuntu's reliability more than my laptop !!!!).
now after seeing others too have some or other problem, just wanted to

my question is : does it have something to do with the ext4 filing.
(becuase i had the same problem with one another distro - i dont remember it
now - three months back - either openSuse, or mandriva - it was crashing
every 2 / 3 days).

with warm regards,

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