[ubuntu-in] Canonical only to send free cd's to developers

Ashutosh Rishi Ranjan ashutoshrishi92 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 18:33:49 GMT 2009

> "The idea that a ShipIt CD will solve the problems of someone on
> reduced bandwidth is rather silly; within a month or two after launch,
> each distro needs 100MB+ of updates anyway. Most Linux distros,
> including Ubuntu, are designed with the assumption that they will be
> connected to broadband. And in the vast majority of cases, they’re
> right."

In a way he is absolutely right. This point slipped out of my mind. I have
the jaunty cd still with me which was made almost at the time it was
released. Every time I install it, I need to keep my computer switched on
for a hour and a half to finish updating.

 So in effect the default CD is no longer worth passing around. Its
> better we talk about how we can make sure people get their hands on a
> fully featured / software loaded distro - a deriviative or a
> customized cd.

The central idea into distributing CDs was not just to help the people who
cannot download it. It was for 'promotion of Ubuntu here' (Or simply
awareness). For that, customized CDs play a great role.

Correct me if I am wrong, majority of 'regular computer users' don't know
about existence of other operating systems, leave alone Ubuntu or even
linux. Distrubuting just normal Ubuntu CDs written on a blank CD won't be
any good because people don't know about it. And therefore why would they in
their right minds be buying something so crucial to their systems without
clarification or a presentation.

So finally, we need something like a 'awareness drive' (This might not be
the right word for it, but I hope I am clear) to promote Ubuntu and the
Ubuntu India Community.

Ashutosh Rishi
*Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish*
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