[ubuntu-in] Canonical only to send free cd's to developers

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On 12/05/2009 09:04 PM, Ashutosh Rishi Ranjan wrote:
> http://www.workswithu.com/2009/11/18/who-deserves-free-ubuntu-cds-more/
> This will make it harder for many people to get ubuntu. I have seen so 
> many people who wouldn't download anything more than a 100MB because 
> of money or speed. But from the beginning I did think that giving free 
> CDs was outrageous!
> What could be the alternatives?
> Could we make ubuntu CDs together with printed CD covers (we could 
> make a custom Ubuntu india CD cover)?
> The cost would vary accourding to the resources we could use: a CD is 
> for Rs12 approx, and printing can be done from a shop or with a 
> printer. These CDs could be distributed to local bookstores and shop. 
> We could divide the management of this distrubution according to the 
> area we live in.
> I think I remember reading that we could definitely sell custom Ubuntu 
> CDs ( I don't think I remember correctly, please confirm). But if we 
> could, we could use it wisely. I vote for non-profit.
> The difficult part would be making the shops agree.
> The other project we could undertake is either ( somehow ) getting a 
> shipit like program within India itself. I don't know how will that be 
> made possible. I am still to even get my own bank account. But just 
> suggesting.
> PS: It was my small time dream that I would earn a lot, and help in 
> advertising Ubuntu.
> -- 
> Ashutosh Rishi
> Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
Can we arrange something like Free Media programs like fedora does ( I'm 
distributing Fedora and ubuntu   at no charges,  just one need to carry 
blank CD/DVD and exchange with Fedora/Ubuntu ) just like barter system.


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