[ubuntu-in] Ubuntu 9.10: issues in glade interface designer

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Fri Dec 4 06:02:50 GMT 2009

Dear All,

In My office we are thinking to upgrade entire systems to ubuntu 9.10 before
that I had to check all of our tools and stuffs works well in Ubuntu 9.10 as
it is doing in 9.04.


   1. Glade interface designed in ubuntu 9.04 is coming  distorted when it
   opened in glade of ubuntu 9.10.
   2. Also When I tried to configure moin wiki following the guide
   https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/moinmoin.html, I got the wiki
   working but the problem is when I copied the pages from our old moin (as
   mentioned in guide ) wiki most if the links results in error.

can any one help us ..

Only these two issues are stopping us from upgrading ...

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