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Dear Arjun,


Am top posting my first few comments rest of the reply is below.

Welcome to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu India List.

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 9:13 AM, Arjun Ghosh অর্জুন <arjunghosh at gmail.com>wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> this is my first mail to this list.
> I read that some of the members are planning to meet on 6 dec.
> We r a group of teachers from various colleges of delhi university. We
> want to take up a programme to encourager colleagues and students from
> the colleges of delhi to use ubuntu/ linux. We want to use our
> contacts among the faculty for this purpose. Is it possible to team
> up?

Its terrific that you and your colleagues are planning to encourage Linux /

The meeting on the 6th, is more an informal meet, however since enthusiasts
are coming :-) i am sure we can talk more about what you can do and who can
provide what kind of help.

@ Others coming for the 6th meet.

Do we have votes on which place
Dilli Haat will be noisy but a good place to eat :-)
so are we looking for a quiter place - if so how is Andhra Bhawan - which
too has decent food.

Also what time should we meet.
I prefer the afternoon - since we can then stretch into the evening - rather
than into the night.

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