[ubuntu-in] Giving up the GIMP is a sign of Ubuntu's mainstream maturity - A rebuttal

Hardik Dalwadi hardik.dalwadi at ubuntu.com
Tue Dec 1 07:52:51 GMT 2009

Ashutosh Rishi Ranjan wrote:
> GIMP was dropped also because it is not used by everyone. Only those who
> really need to do some serious designing would use it. For an average user,
> photo editing can be done in F-spot too. Its just like photoshop.
>  If they want to slimdown the image size, they can remove
>> openoffice,evolution,all the man pages,
>> even gnome and they can come up with a mini distro for 50 MB like Damn
>> small linux.
> But all these are the essential ones. For most people downloading is really
> out of question. They want it preinstalled and ready for use (Thats how
> windows became popular :( ). 

Because, People are paying for pre-installed application, We are not 
asking about pre-installed application with OS, we are thinking as free, 
but not at all. We can say it as Window$ OEM OS by your machine 
provider. Miscrosoft doesn't have Antivirus / Professional Image Editor 
solution, but still we are getting pre-installed. That's one of reason 
behind popularity. I am sure if you find Desktop / Laptop with 
pre-installed Ubuntu, you will find GIMP :)

Hardik Dalwadi

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