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Mallikarjun(ಮಲ್ಲಿಕಾರ್ಜುನ್) mallik.v.arjun at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 12:18:50 BST 2009

On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 4:31 PM, Ramnarayan.K <ramnarayan.k at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I successfully installed and set up virtualbox on my Ubuntu 9.04 system.
> Its the CSE edition meaning it has USB support built in (as opposed to
> the open source edition which does not)
> I installed PCLINUXOS as the guest OS, it installed well and works well,
> I had a few questions
> 1. I alloted 1024 MB as RAM for the guest system - will this mean that
> when the Virtualized environment is not running it will continue to
> not be available to the main system ??

Yes, it will be available for use in the main system.

> 2. I could not get the virtualized guest system to work on a partition
> of my choice - it landed it up in my /home/user  - is there a way to
> change this ??

You can create a vdi file which a virtual partition can be create anywhere,
just go to Machine-->settings-->Harddisks and create one where you want.
This is movable partition but before you open the virtual environment point
to new location.

> Finally i am unable to setup access to a USB device - added it from
> settings nothing happens, the device shows up faded out under the USB
> devices menu.
Sorry, I never tried USB on virtual system, someone else can help you in
this matter.

> Any idea what to do - will appreciate help
> Also thanks to Sarfaraz and Sameep for advising when i was querying
> about how to install.
> regards
> ram
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