[ubuntu-in] importing aspell-hi dictionary into another computer

Dinbandhu dinbandhu at sprynet.com
Fri Apr 3 17:32:36 BST 2009

--I just rejoined the list yesterday, and couldn't tell whether this reached the list or not--

Hello All,
I have spent months working on both my aspell-hi personalized dictionary as well as the aspell-hi system-wide dictionary, and now have a fairly extensive dictionary whose vocabulary is specialized for the writing which I do. I am now helping a colleague to set up the same aspell Hindi spell-checker in his computer, and need to install these Hindi dictionaries of mine for use with aspell in his computer. But it seems that the aspell structure has changed a bit since I got mine set up. It used to be that the system-wide Hindi dictionary was a file called hi.cwl. One could edit it by decompressing the file, opening it in gedit, then saving the changes and recompressing the file into the hi.cwl format. But now I find that when one installs aspell-hi in a computer today, it is kept in a different format -- hi.cwl.gz. This it seems is basically another compression format. So it would seem logical enough that if I want to put my hi.cwl into his computer, then I can just compress it into the hi.cwl.gz format and install it in his computer. Should this work?

I ask, because I have tried this in one person's computer, and the hindi spellchecker stopped working. So I am a bit scared to try it again.

Another related question: I notice that after installing aspell-hi in my colleague's computer, there are no .aspell.hi.prepl and .aspell.hi.pws files in his home folder. These used to be the names of the personalized dictionaries. Is it now done in a different way? Because I would like to install my .aspell.hi.prepl and .aspell.hi.pws files in his computer as well.


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