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Sun Oct 26 05:26:10 GMT 2008

+++ Onkar Shinde [2008-10-18 19:04:40]:

> If you are ready to shell some more money get ones from 16xx or 19xx
> HD series. They have support for HD resolutions and have drivers in
> Ubuntu which give at least good 2D support.

Have you used them to view HD content? I doubt the 2D only drivers will
support HD content(not resolutions) It's probably a windows only feature at

HD resolutions have been supported for ages by any card with sufficient
video RAM. What these "HD" cards are supposed to do is accelerate HD
playback by decoding the HD stream using the GPU instead of the CPU. 
(My current card and monitor (about 4 years old) can handle full-HD
resolutions but my CPU chokes up) So you'd need driver support for it .. and
a media player/codec which can interact with that driver. 

> In case you have found some fortune anywhere and want to use it to buy
> graphics card then buy the latest from Radepn HD series like 3xxx or
> 4xxx. But please keep in mind that only buy the ones that come with a
> separate powerful cooling fan. Also check what is the power supply
> required by them and if your SMPS can support it.

I would recommend the exact opposite.. unless you are really into 3D stuff
and fps is a big deal, don't buy a graphics card with a fan... they are
power hungry/overheat and noisy .. and those fans are usually the first to
die or get noisier and you it's hard to find a replacement fan.

Get a card with a nice large heatsink and *no fan*, you can get a fairly
decent nvidia card for 1500 or less. (If you were able to live with SiS
anything is a major upgrade.. you don't have to go in for top of the line)

AFAIK any recent ATI and all NVIDIA cards need binary drivers for 3D support.
(Intel seems to have the best "Free" 3D drivers but they don't make
non-integrated cards)

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