[ubuntu-in] Great BarCamp yesterday in Delhi

Fabian Rodriguez magicfab at ubuntu.com
Mon Oct 13 06:43:58 BST 2008

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Hi all

I am in India (staying in Gurgaon) for a week meeting some customers, so
I logged into the #ubuntu-in channel Saturday night where Pratul
(lut4rp) invited me to BarCamp Delhi. http://www.barcampdelhi.com

I had a great time and even presented the topic "Why Ubuntu is important
for you", many people there knew about Ubuntu already but this also
helped them know how to briefly introduce Ubuntu to others. I had great
questions from the audience about compatibility, support, pricing,
differences with other distros and many people were intrigued about how
one can ever make money with FOSS. My presentation is available at:

Going to such apparently non-technical events is always a blast, many
people there were looking for information on how to best start or
further develop their small or not so small business ventures, and many
were also students aiming (or already in) MBA or similar masters
programs. A great audience for Ubuntu but also for FOSS in general.

Pratul was a great resource on answering technical questions, even going
as far as explaining how this all started (RMS, etc.). I was impressed
how he could articulate it all. Sometimes things got a bit
confrontational but that's all part of learning how to mix oil & water
as someone on IRC compared this meeting of FOSS + business people :)
Most of the time when people find out about all the alternatives to what
they have been used to, it's pretty scary :)

I also happened to have a Dell Mini 9 netbook which I showed around and
people were quite intrigued by its small size, speed and low price. I am
not sure when it will be available here, but it's now for sale in the
US, Europe and LatinAmerica:

So don't be surprised if some new people pop up in this list during the
next few days. They may have been to BarCamp Delhi :)


Fabian Rodriguez, Ubuntu Systems Senior Support Analyst
Canonical Global Support & Services, Montreal, QC, Canada

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