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> On Fri, Oct 10, 2008 at 5:20 PM, Biswajit Dutta Baruah <
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>> Thanks Parthan and Onkar for your replies.
>> I had the banshee from the main repos installed already. I installed the
>> banshee-1 package from the ppa, so now I have two of them. I don't want
>> to remove the main banshee package, parthan as the songs are rated, and
>> banshee maintains a database of the songs. The new banshee-1 that I
>> installed also automatically created or used the already existing
>> database. My fear was that the ratings would disappear if I simply
>> installed the new version over the old one. Since I already installed
>> the banshee-1, I can confirm that this is true.
>> I don't suppose that will happen if I were to wait for the official
>> upgrade with the new distribution (sorry Onkar if i am assuming too
>> much). In other words, the softwares in the ppa repos are only for trial
>> purposes and not for final use!!
> dont worry, go to  www.getdeb.com you will get banshee 1.00
sorry www.getdeb.net

>> regards,
>> Biswajit
>> aka orthodoc
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