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Ravi Kumar ra21vi at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 19:09:33 GMT 2008

Since this place is not for any such discussions. You can mail me
personally, and before I go to sleep now, I want to say something.

Just breaking rule a little, since no other easier way seems out.

WHile there was Terrorist attack, do you think it is good idea to flood
people saying CONGRESS is not good or else. That is real stupidest thing I
ever have seen. They want to cash every moment.
Another instance, be it Awaz or anything, any NGO, do they have people with
brain. Do you think if we all go there, visit the site and write our
sympathy, will cause Terrorist to flee away and never come since Awaz
Intelligents have gathered Geeks and peoples on their site. This is real
bullshit. I don't see any point in gathering and asking them to SMS (as
Delhi FM Radio channels are doing), or write to show the strength. When will
these people work with mind , intelligently. Instead, they should have made
people aware of many things.

And much funnier thing, FM Channel RJs were all cursing the attack, got my
sympathy, and at last asked people "Come, Join Hands, to show we are all
together to Fight, to do so write FOO BAR and send to XXXX", huh, and there
they lost the faith. Theywant to make money every SMS on this.

So these people are making money out of everything.

So what Instead.

Here is the awareness, STOP PIRACY
funding for the Bomb and carrier which will soon be delivered to you.
More than 90% of these are channelled from Pakistan, where terrorist gangs
supporters release theses new movies/Music CD/DVDs , software CDs etc (with
master copy and cover print), send them to India and other places., where
these are duplicated and delivered. This million $$ business funds those
terrorists and Ibrahim. Watch carefully, in some CDs you will find
advertisements and Studio ads from Pakistan.

Other way,
Narcotics/DRUGS, which again are supplied from Pakistan. When taliban
covered Afganistan, drug production rised to 700%.

The Fake Currency, which again from Pakistan to Nepal to India. Rs 100 is
sold for 45-60, which is put in market and huge profit is made in Business.

These are the things we should take care of and minimize their Funds. Play
with Mind and let them vanish. How many NGO s does that, be it Awaz?

I used to get some movies from friends to watch for my Weekends, but since
these all are pirated, I will now stick to buy movies, or watch in Movie
Hall or just download free videos and clipsfrom Internet for Entertainment,
but never fund the Terrorism.

Previously, I used to work on Windows, Pirated Windows XP, but thanks now, I
shifted to Linux and enjoying it. in Software, now I don't pay terrorist,
and never get crashes.

And at last, sorry for writing this long speech, but as people are curious
on my previous post, I though I should just convey at last in chain.
I request, do not post anything regarding this topic from now. I would
happily answer your Q's and accept flame if you want on my personal ID <
ra21vi at gmail.com >

and hope moderator understands waht I want to tell.


On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 12:38 PM, Easwar Hariharan <meindian523 at gmail.com>wrote:

> On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 9:00 PM, Ravi Kumar <ra21vi at gmail.com> wrote:
>> This is real bullshit.
>> While our police and army were engaged in fighting, without taking care of
>> their life, these politicians and stupid mailers are finding their business
>> in it.
>> Everyone was stick to TV to get the progress,
>> and these donkeys  were itching his a** sending bulk SMS to everyone in
>> Delhi.
>> Can you people get out of your business mind for some time. and
>> Everyone, Please dont watch their sites growing their revenue.
>> And ignore these people who are no less than antisocial.
>> Dude,actually not.Avaz is a NGO.
> Regards,
> Easwar
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