[ubuntu-in] trying to rip vcd without success

Sanjay Bhangar sanjaybhangar at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 14:02:40 BST 2008

> Just to a file that i can edit and keep on my hd mean while
If you want to 'edit' the file, then that's potentially a bigger
problem since you will need to check what video codecs are supported
by the editting software you wish to use and that will probably
require conversion to a format that is acceptable to your video editor
software. If you do actually want to "edit" the file - i.e. make cuts,
etc. send another mail mentioning what video editor software you plan
to use and I can give you some options for conversion. But for copying
CD to CD, the ISO method suggested by Onkar should work.

>usually i have just found a windows machine and
> copied the xyz.dat file and renamed it xyz.mpeg or something and this works,

Why doesn't this same procedure work on Ubuntu?

>> You could potentially also use VLC's
>> "Transcode/Save to File" option, that's worked for me in the past.
> will try VLC
Play the file, then chose Wizard under File Menu and look under
Transcode/Save . Although the other tools mentioned on the list like
Acidrip, etc. should probably be preferred since they are more
designed specifically to rip VCD / DVDs..

Hope your problem is solved:)

> thanks
> ram
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