[ubuntu-in] Some help with rsync

Balaji Narayanan lists at balajin.net
Sun Jun 22 06:05:49 BST 2008

ramnarayan.k at gmail.com said the following on Saturday 21 June 2008 11:21 AM:
> Hi
> I use rsync to back up my work regularly.
> the command used for the /home directory is
> rsync -av /home/ram/ /media/backup_disk/bak_home/
> this however backups all the hidden folders as well - some of them of 
> course are useful to have backed up but in most cases they seem to take 
> up valuable disk space. Like the .beagle directory which runs into GB's.
> So how can i avoid backing up the entire . sections (the hidden directories)

You can put in an exclude file with a pattern to be ignored. I just dont 
want to speculate now without testing but you can try it out as 
explained here.


> Second i don't use (haven't used) the -z compression command in rsync - 
> if i were to do so now what effect would it have on the backup - would 
> it make the entire backup compressed or only the updated section. Over 
> the few years i have on my back up lots of stuff thats deleted from the 
> place from where i backed up (so as to create space on the original 
> /home section) So am wondering what effect will this revised -z command 
> have.

-z is only compression for transfer of files or the delta. So dont 
worry. Also, you might want to look at --delete and the related option. 
Based on what you want, you can delete files not in source, delete 
excluded files or certain patterns.

I never delete anything from my backup.



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