[ubuntu-in] Subscription with Official Email is Bad

AlgoMantra algomantra at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 05:05:29 BST 2008

> No rules != open source.

Geekoid, I should have been more specific.

while (laws==physics){
         no rules = &opensource

> if all the wonderful open source projects followed that idea, we'd
> have absolutely disastrous pieces of software :P.

Who says Ubuntu is not disaster? So far, it is....(please don't compare
it to Vista. Lets just omit Win systems from discussions about operating

> open source is a lot about respect for the community, etc. and those
> disclaimers are irritating and pointless .

Er.....please, this community and respect shit is as annoying as those
disclaimer. Lets just hack, shall we?

> No rules = open source is  a dangerous statement to make, imho ..

Hm, so what's wrong with a little danger?

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