[ubuntu-in] Subscription with Official Email is Bad

Sanjay Bhangar sanjaybhangar at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 11:38:53 BST 2008

On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 2:26 PM, AlgoMantra <algomantra at gmail.com> wrote:
>> But as this is a matter of etiquette and hence it should not be forced
>> into action. Just like you cant teach kids by forcing them to do
>> stuff. :)
> Offices don't know what official means, its only people who do. So
> I agree that nothing should be enforced on anybody. No rules = open
> source.

No rules != open source.
if all the wonderful open source projects followed that idea, we'd
have absolutely disastrous pieces of software :P.
open source is a lot about respect for the community, etc. and those
disclaimers are irritating and pointless .
i agree with "no hard rules" like that on a mailing list, especially
one that wishes to support people new to linux / ubuntu / the idea of
open source ..
but err.. No rules = open source is  a dangerous statement to make, imho ..

Anyways - hope this doesn't fuel a flame-war, dont mean to .. :-)

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