[ubuntu-in] [X-POST] Announcement: #hackers-india channel on Freenode

Lut4rp lut4rp at techjugaad.com
Sun Jun 8 07:28:11 BST 2008

Greetings to all,

This is a formal announcement about the creation of a new IRC channel,
#hackers-india on the Freenode IRC network.
The channel has been started to fill the void of a pure
hackery-codery-programming based Indian channel. The need for such a
channel was felt by me (and a couple of other hackers) during the
programming discussions held on ##linux-india. We are hoping that the
channel will go a long way in helping hackers around India during
need-of-the-hour, as well as future summer-of-codes, hackathons,
codefests etc.

Some other details:
  - Purely white-hat channel, no cracking paid softwares, warez talks;
AT ALL (read: instant permanent ban)
  - There is not restriction on programming language or even OS (yes,
Windows users welcome :-)
  - Discussions falling under the categories of network/machine
security, penetration testing etc. may be held on #security-india
(also on Freenode, pre-existing channel)

Feel free to post this mail to any other related list/website you
might subscribe to.
Pratul (aka lut4rp)

dum vivimus, vivamus
70 72 61 74 75 6C

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