[ubuntu-in] Login problem

sanjeev kamat sanjeev.kamat at ril.com
Mon Jun 2 06:16:44 BST 2008

Dear Ubuntu folks,


I just procured a copy of Hardy Heron and tried the live CD option on my
windows XP PC. Well everything went fine but the system asks for a login
password. The default username is "ubuntu". The system does not accept any
password for this username. I have tried all permutations and combinations.
Actually it should not ask for any pwd, but this CD does. I have tried with
other copies too. 


Also I used the "install inside windows" option and installed the OS on my
windows XP PC. I had given a username and pwd. Again it does not accept the
password I typed in originally while installing.


Has anyone any idea about this? Please help. 


thanks & regards,



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