[ubuntu-in] Problem with Devnagari / Hindi script

ramnarayan.k at gmail.com ramnarayan.k at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 18:28:06 BST 2008


Installed the indic hindi packages for Ubuntu - did not use till 
recently and am coming across some problems

1. All the hindi alphabets etc that are along with the number keys like 
the number 4 should have
1 ऍ ( this works)
२ ॅ ( this works)
3 ्र
4 र्
5 ज्ञ
6 त्र
7 क्ष
8 श्र
9 (
0 )

etc but i cannot seem to get these alphabets using any combination of 
keys alt, shift, control + number nothing works

what does seem to work is a combination like क्ष is actually क् + ष and 
similarly for some of the other characters mentioned above.

So why am i not able to access the hindi alphabets that should be along 
with the numbers.

Second when trying to use the hindi option in open office i am unable to 
type two consecutive hindi characters. If i type a space after a 
character only then can i type the next. Obviously not useful , so 
what's wrong here.


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