[ubuntu-in] Indic mashup at Freed.in 2008, Feb. 22-24

Gora Mohanty gora at sarai.net
Tue Feb 5 18:19:19 GMT 2008

Hello everyone,
  Continuing the Indic mashup idea of Karunakar's,
I would like to invite people to come to Freed.in
2008 ( http://freed.in/2008 ), being held from
Feb. 22-24, at the School of Information Technology,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. The Indic
component of this will consist of two parts:
  o A localisation component, that people in government
    are especially interested in. This also ties in
    with new initiatives in Assamese, Kashmiri, and
    Urdu, and recent contacts with groups like the
    Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.
  o A workshop on Indic rendering. It is quite possible
    that representatives from Scribus, OpenOffice, and
    Harfbuzz will be present.

  Please note that the theme for this year's event is
a little different, as we are trying to reach out to
like-minded people in areas beyond software. As the
areas that we are tackling are very broad, this year's
event is intended mainly as a planning conclave, with
the goal of coming up with a roadmap to address these
issues. This will be combined with a limited number of
talks from people already working in these areas. For
a more detailed invitation letter, please see the front
page at http://freed.in/2008/ . The call for papers is
still open, and we will reimburse travel for all speakers
from within India up to a maximum of Rs. 7000. Please
register talks at
http://freed.in/2008/talk-registration . It is important
that any talk submission make a case for how it ties into
the theme of Freed.in 2008. While we do not wish to
restrict your creativity, some potential areas of interest
are at http://freed.in/2008/areas-of-interest .


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