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Sun Dec 28 19:58:51 GMT 2008

Dharan P Deepak - wrote:
> Now it's time to solve another problem.
> I recently bought a dell studio. and installed ubuntu. But I'm unable
> to get my wifi working. It's an Intel WiFi Link 5100 Half Mini-c . I
> tried so many ways.. Nothing works. Ndiswrapper says the hardware is
> present but unable to operate the hardware even after that. Someone
> Please help me with that. This is the only way for me to share my
> internet connection. Is there any possible way to get this work done ?

Intel Wifi Link 5100 Half Mini Card - has a working linux driver
released by Intel, as was announced on the Linux Kernel Mailing List -
The driver should be there in 2.6.27. So the card is expected to work
out of the box from Intrepid onwards (I don't have any first hand
experience about this card, so cannot confirm). The driver was not
there before 2.6.27, hence the card doesn't work out of the box in
Are you running Intrepid or Hardy on your Dell Studio?

BTW, just for curiosity, what happened to your USB modem issue? Did it work?

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