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Hardeep Singh hardeep1singh_s60 at yahoo.co.in
Wed Dec 24 03:25:19 GMT 2008

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> Wow. This is the first time I have heard that Ubuntu used to create
> user with same name as Windows users. What was the purpose of this
> feature? Which version of Ubuntu did have this feature? Please provide
> some details.

It was the very first ubuntu that i tried, 7.04. I hope i'm not confusing 
it with mandriva, i was too new at that time. :-)

> I don't understand how can Ubuntu offer you to modify the boot loader
> it didn't install (Vista boot loader). What is wrong with using grub
> boot loader if it adds all the entries you need. If it is not adding
> entries then you should file a bug.
> And how is Vista boot loader going to be useful if it can not boot
> other operating systems?

As I said earlier, its a matter of personal preference, there's no 
explanation to it, buddy. Isn't it a linux goal to reach out to users and 
tell them about linux so they can consider switching to linux, we'd have to 
work towards meeting user preferences if we really want them to like linux. 
You can't convince a bike rider to take a bus and vice versa, especially 
when he knows both can be used to reach the destination. :-)

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