[ubuntu-in] Fwd: Warning with Ubuntu crap

Manish manishsinha.tech at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 06:37:17 GMT 2008

Hardeep Singh wrote:
> Probably he means he can't see Windows in the boot menu. This has happened
> to me everytime I've tried to install Ubuntu on my PC from scratch (had to
> reinstall a couple of times for several reasons). The trick lies in
What do you mean from scratch? A fresh installation?
> installing grub to the bootsector of the partition. Once you've done that,
> just load Windows, use Easy BCD and add an entry for Ubuntu to Vista/XP
> bootloader. I know some people may prefer to use Grub as their primary
Vista bootloader can boot Ubuntu as well? An alternative is to load GRUB
from Vista bootloader but AFAIK windows bootloader can't chainload.
> bootloader but I think Vista bootloader simply looks better. I just wish
> Ubuntu provided an automated way of doing this. For eg. Offering an option
> to either use grub or add an Ubuntu entry to the current bootloader.
Looks better? Bootloader has nothing to do with looks, its about
functionality. If you want a pleasing looking bootloader try Fedora, or
you can manually modify the background of GRUB from Ubuntu too.


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