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On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 19:52, Vinayaraj OK <rajok at in.com> wrote:
> Dear friends,

Hi all,

> Created one website badge for ubuntu-in publicity through websites. Members
> may please add the badge icon to their own websites/blogs.
> Uploaded the image in ubuntu-in wiki.
> Also wrote a simple html code for website integration (I don't know how to
> script it in java). You can see those details in my wordpress blog's
> creations page (http://vinayaraj.wordpress.com/creations)

Good ideas so far.

> This work was done using Inkscape. Thanks Shirish for sending me the link of
> a useful tutorial. This badge is the first of its kind and I will try to
> make better looking web badges in future. Please have a look at it and
> comment. The font used is not the ttf-ubuntu-title, since I was working in
> on of my friend's machine which does not have that font. This we can modify
> in future versions.

You are welcome but the badge still needs a lot of work (atleast IMHO) .

Some ideas to improve (perhaps) :-

a. The badge size is much too large horizontally. See if you can
shorten it or do it in two lines so the height becomes a bit more.

b. Make an .svg file so people can pan it out without breaking the
pixels (or artefacts) to see how it is.

c. The shadow could be a bit more pronounced (the image is too small
to really know whether there is a shadow or its my imagination)

Hope I was not too hard on your first attempt.


Something to inspire you


> regards
> --
> Vinayaraj
> http://vinayaraj.wordpress.com

          Shirish Agarwal
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